July 3, 2009

its def been forever since i updated, I am doing the tank completely different, wait to see what i do with that, its be pretty classy.

Decided to do this thin g right and not rush it like i did for the richmond rally last weekend, i had no moped, was really disappointing, oh well.

running all my cable and wires through the frame, hydraulic forks, spoked wheels, bigg ass 3 inch tires so i can handle like a champ. makign an even better custom tail light, and gotta make the treats cdi work, that was the downfall this past weekend, ill get it.

i will post pictures very very soon, i know post without pictures kinda suck, soon!


Tail light!

April 6, 2009

img_0312New tail light is a check engine indicator for a car, looks sweet!

Frame before paint

April 3, 2009

Frame unpainted

Tanks painted

April 3, 2009

                          Here’s one side of the tank, not too bad considering I used a paint marker, i like a lot actually. just gotta do the other side and clear coat it

Project will be done by the rally, it WILL!

Brand new

April 1, 2009

iphone new frame

      So here is the blurry pic of the frame, im almost done welding it, then clean up the welds, and painting time….

 Seat will be custom upholstered with brown leather, and tank will be cream color, frame – black…


Things are a changin

March 5, 2009

So ive decided to go a totally different direction with my freespirit after i had to disassemble it because my crank blew up after only a week of riding.

Im going to make the frame a kind of bobber style with a real low seat, sitting right above the rear wheel, flowing lines and making it a top tank, almost a motorcycle approach to the whole thing, but not quite…

The frame is currently at the machine shop, so the metal tubing can be bent for the frame and then welded, i was going to weld them myself, but i dont feel confident enough with my abilities to do these kind of welds. Now i have to find a seat and tank to go on there, the tank seems like it will be more of an issue, i hope i dont have to resort to having one made for me. Checked Ebay and other places, but the smallest i found was a 3 gallon, and that is way too big for a moped. Im going to try and hand stitch and emboss my own leather seat, ive always wanted to try it, so we’ll see hwo it goes..

Heres the sketch i did for the frame, i cant wait to see what happens with it at the

seat welds

February 22, 2009

Pic of the welds i made to the seat…not too bad




February 19, 2009

SOOOOOO the build is finally completed, I got rid of the rear fender, for now, couldnt get it to not rub somewhere, will go back to it later.

Here are a few crappy pictures of it outside of work, its a little dirty from it raining yesterday, trying to clean everything up like wiring and get it into a studio soon. I will post them when I get them.

yyeeaaaahh sexy

yyeeaaaahh sexy


Look at that fat ass

Look at that fat ass

Here’s the setup
65 Metra
19mm racing dellorto
19mm metra intake from treats *who supplied so much of the project*
Hobbit front mag
Peugeot 5 star from treats
17-43 gearing
custom welded low white puch seat
peugeot blue crank arms
Magnesium flat black pedals
MTB brake and cables
Some pitbike throttle i found online
2.5 gazelles
fog lights via Ebay and Peter
Bike brake light, will have a normal brake when i figure the fenders out *help welcomed*

Thats it yall

Thanks to everyone who helped me get my shit together! i appreciate all the help

Next to come, the kickstart NOI Super Sport XL!!!!

Stay tuned for clean up pics and new projects


February 7, 2009

Thanks peter for steering me in the right direction for these sick headlights!

Still waiting on the bracket from peter so i can attach the bottom one

Still waiting on the bracket from peter so i can attach the bottom one

Fenda benda

February 5, 2009

                                                            Horrah finally made my fender work! and wired up my tail light, I think it looks hella sweet.